Goals for Week of 12th Feb

Goals for Week of 12th Feb
Photo by Fernando Hernandez / Unsplash

Relationships with others:

  • cultivate some by reaching out with peers on youtube?
  • get to some entrepreneurship event?
  • get to some extension of professors in the university and engage about philosophy or something
  • friends as usual put effort into that


  • Work on the Chinese World Order video for Tuesday
  • Figure out how to propel to an audience (intuition says use the algorithm of youtube, it is hard otherwise and too much time cost)
  • Read up on the very long book list to read
  • Get on the AI governance course
  • Pending the yale courses on youtube


  • Continue to work out
  • Develop Chinese proficiency - speed watch some 3 contemporary dramas in mandarin Chinese
  • Integrate Chinese exposure to the daily schedule, stack it on top of the Korean language course
  • Continue with the Korean language course
  • Continue to diet


  • Finish the game theoretic models
  • Craft utility functions
  • Rollout and play out in the model, collect how the labour force adapts
  • Devise proportional adaptation of the model workforce within the model


  • Finish administrative matters of presentations
  • Finish up the pending assignment

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