What will you get?

Consistent pieces that cover issues in political economy, focused on:

  1. Investment pitches driven by events, global-macro movements, and some equity research
  2. Deep inspections of cultural and political thought that drives different demographics, such as political analysis
  3. Far-reaching projections on economic growth, technology, and modes of governance

Current format: Long-form pieces with idiosyncratic views and claims.

You will enjoy this if:

  1. You have always been curious about how the world turns. You like thinking about what actually drives the economy, and how that relates to the world at large.
  2. You think that people's beliefs matter and that they can drive key decisions on the world stage. You want to know what the flow of culture and thought is.
  3. You believe the world is malleable and that things can be changed for the better. You want to know the mechanisms of the world so you can tangibly interact with them.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm a grad student in philosophy that wants to understand the world.

I've got some experience in finance, the military (not as glamorous as you think), and academia. I also read voraciously.

I believe that corporate power is largely under-addressed. I aim to crowdfund an impact-driven activist fund. Think corporate governance campaigns in oil majors, checking labour conditions, and addressing the footprint of massive supply chains.

Key interests of mine include automation, capital, and the future of work.