My Reading List

Currently reading, want to read, and finished books. Quick descriptions of notable pieces and an outline of my taste.
My Reading List

For Immediate Consumption

  • Novacene
  • Slouching towards Utopia
  • What we owe the future
  • Levers of power

And some ongoing titles I pick up as and when.

Substacks and Blogs to go through


  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
  • The Personal MBA
  • Story by Robert McKee
  • Manufacturing Consent
  • Market Wizards Series
  • Accidental Superpower
  • Building a Second Brain
  • Poetry Pharmacy
  • The Road Less Stupid
  • The Minimalist Entrepreneur
  • Your One Wild and Precious Life

Actively Referencing

  • 12 More Rules For Life
  • The Investment Checklist
  • Fund Managers
  • Best Practices For Equity Research
  • Macroeconomics for Professionals
  • Simply Said
  • Introduction to Geopolitics, Flint

Sources of Content

  • The Economist, Bloomberg, New Yorker, NYT
  • Marginal Revolution, Astral Codex Ten, Less Wrong, EA, Rationalist community
  • David Perell, Palladium Magazine, YaleCourses etc

Want To Read


  • The Last Warrior
  • The Power of Regret
  • Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene
  • The Long Game
  • The Laws of Human Nature
  • More Money Than God
  • Discover Your Inner Economist
  • The Rise and Fall of the Viennna Circle
  • The Non-Designers Design Book
  • Outliers
  • Think Again
  • Fooled By Randomness
  • Good to Great
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed
  • Talking to Strangers
  • On War - Clausewitz
  • Seeing Like A State
  • Dopesick
  • Antifragile
  • Unnatural Causes
  • Chatter
  • Range
  • On China
  • Splendid and the Vile
  • An Astronaut's Guide To Life
  • In the Shadow of Lightning (June 2022)
  • Boomerang, Michael Lewis
  • Deaths of Despair

Social Sciences, Political Economy, and Future Studies

  • The Earned Life
  • The Decadent Society
  • Social Limits to Growth
  • The Aristocracy of Talent
  • What Money Can't Buy
  • Trade Wars are Class Wars
  • Humankind
  • How the World Really Works
  • The Scent of Time
  • The War on the West
  • Economic Statecraft
  • Good Economics for Hard Times
  • Dawn of Everything
  • Doughnut Economics
  • Who Rules the World
  • Novacene
  • Capitalism, Alone
  • Superintelligence
  • Understanding power, Chomsky
  • Limits to Capital
  • Post Capitalist Desire
  • Artificial Intelligence, Mitchell
  • This Changes Everything
  • Concrete Economics
  • Nine lives of neoliberalism
  • Never let a serious crisis go to waste
  • Prediction Machines
  • AI Superpowers
  • 25 ways to think of AI

Finished Reading


Week end 2th Jan

  • The 100-yr life
  • From Stength to Strength
  • The Case Against The Sexual Revolution

Week end 21st Jan

  • Singapore in 2065

Week end 14th Jan

  • Defending the Lion City
  • Singapore Is Not An Island

Week end 7th Jan 2023

  • Rise of the Robots
  • Little Book of Hedge Funds
  • Anthropocene Reviewed

Weeks of December 2022: Holiday Break

Week end 7th December

  • The Sum of Small Things
  • The Hard Things about Hard Things

Week end 23rd November

  • Levers of Power
  • Agenda For a New Economy
  • Status & Culture

Week end 16th November

  • Destined For War
  • The War Against Boys
  • The ONE Thing
  • Art of Witty Banter
  • When Corporations Rule The World
  • Fight: Gen Z Fear and Passion to Save America

Week end 9th November

  • The Future Starts Here
  • The Code of Capital
  • Lee Kuan Yew

Week end 2nd November

  • Feeding Frenzy, Politics of Food
  • Growth Hacker Marketing

Week end 26th October

  • Chip War
  • The Practice

Week end 19th October

  • The Scout Mindset
  • A Random Walk Down Wallstreet
  • How to Make Money in Stocks
  • Deep Value
  • The Practice

Week end 12th October

  • The Grand Chessboard
  • The End of the World is just the Beginning
  • More From Less

Week end 5th October

  • Tools of Titans (selective in wealth)
  • The Withdrawal
  • Inflation

Week end 24th and 30th September

  • 30+ journal articles about wellbeing, burnout, and creativity (How to quantify?)
  • Learnt some computer modelling

Week end 17th September

  • Down To Earth
  • The Production of Money
  • Capitalist Realism
  • Internet for the People
  • The Age of AI

Week end 10th September

  • The Disappearance of Rituals
  • How Civil Wars Start
  • How to stay sane in an age of division
  • Can singapore survive?

Week end 3rd September

  • The Future of Humanity

Week end 27th August

  • The Most Important Century blog series
  • Post Growth
  • Moral Progress, applied divinity studies
  • Platform Capitalism
  • Automation and the Future of Work

Week end 20th August

  • Inventing the Future
  • How the World became Rich
  • Airconditioned Nation Revisited
  • Stubborn Attachments
  • The World in 2050
  • Dealing With An Ambiguous World
  • Insight's on Singapore's Politics and Governance
  • The Power of Geography
  • Culture Map
  • Prisoners of Geography
  • Capitalism and the Death Drive

Week end 13th August

  • Cogs and Monsters
  • The Growth Delusion
  • Creating a Learning Society
  • How to end Rentier Capitalism

Week end 6th August

  • Beyond Self-Interest, Pelc
    • Great book on disinterest and leisure for the knowledge worker but also justice instead of being blind slave wages - realistic too in appealing to economic returns for leisure
  • The Tyranny of Merit
    • A good explanation of populism and leads to breaking from blind worship of monetary status - prompted me to look for wellbeing+justice in political economy

Up to July 2022 since about 2020

  • The Pathless Path
    • I would give this to 17 year old me - to break out of default life goals
  • Best Practices For Equity Research
    • This is great, will come back to this frequently for reference
  • Why We Sleep
    • So good for breaking out of the no-sleep dogma
  • Turning Pro
    • Good reflections for honing a craft
  • The War of Art
  • The Boy Crisis
  • Digital Minimalism
  • Deep Work
  • Exiting Modernity
  • Easypeasy method
  • Four Thousand Weeks
    • Helps slow the heck down and accept your limitations. Some reference to living in the present.
  • The Great Delusion
    • Useful models on international relations from the great realist Mearsheimer
  • Psychology of Money
  • Has China Won?
  • Millionaire Fastlane
  • How To Not Die Alone
    • Useful to treat your approach to relationships seriously
  • Mindset
    • Best thing for kickstarting cycle of growth - young people need this
  • the life-changing magic of tidying up
    • Validated throwing away useless things
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
    • Helpful to find courage to focus on things you care about
  • Pitch the Perfect Investment
    • Schema on presentation and pitching to people over dullness
  • Capital in the 21st Century
    • The great book on inequality and wealth
  • Atomic Habits
  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
  • Anything You Want
    • Primer on making sure you're chasing what you want
  • Show Your Work
    • Primer on getting out of your head
  • Shoe Dog
    • Fun piece on Nike
  • Being Mortal
    • Puts your goals in perspective - and lends empathy for how we treat the old
  • Checklist Manifesto
  • When Breath Becomes Air
    • Moving and sad
  • Why The West Rules For Now
    • A bit better than Guns Germs and Steel
  • Zero to One


  • Slough House Series (on Spook Street as of 1/2/23)
  • The Hands of The Emperor
  • Kiss & Tell
  • Boyfriend Material
  • Thrawn Ascendancy Series
  • Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, Rhythm of War (Stormlight Archive - waiting on sequel)
  • Mistborn Series
  • Skyward Series
  • A Memory Called Empire, A Desolation Called Peace
  • Empire of Silence, Howling Dark, Demon in White (Sun Eater Series - waiting on Kingdoms of Death, Ashes of Man)
  • Murderbot Diaries
  • Grace of Kings (Dandelion Dynasty)
  • Aftershocks, Ballistic, Citadel (Palladium Wars Series - waiting on sequel)
  • The Last Watch
  • Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City, How to Rule an Empire
  • The Lost Fleet Series
  • Dune
  • The Tyrant, The Monster Baru Cormorant
  • A Shadow in Summer
  • The Emperor's Blades
  • The Poppy War Series
  • Gideon and Harrow the Ninth
  • Foundryside, Shorefall (Founders Trilogy Series - waiting on Locklands)
  • City of Miracles
  • The Last Emperox
  • The Trouble With Peace
  • The Last Sun, The Hanged Man (Tarot Sequence - waiting on Hourglass Throne)
  • A lot of fanfiction on AO3