What My Motivations Are

I aim to improve people's lot in life, and I think finance is a field we need to battle in.

Just like the Effective Altruists, I like taking a rational approach to maximising good.

So since we live in a capitalistic world, I believe capital is a tool for change. We should apply pressure on decision-makers to deliver improvements at scale. (I like Engine No.1 and their victory over Exxon.)

Charity is fine, but the private sector holds massive influence over the world. It is an arena that should not be neglected. After all, politics is also shaped by the movements of capital.

The wealthy hold disproportionate power - we should not leave the field open to them.

My dream then, is to have an activist fund.

Topics of Interest

  1. How finance is a lever of power, and how we can interact with it (think activist funds, impact investing, and the power of capital)
  2. Sketching out who the main players are, what their incentives are, and how systems may be played to deliver tangible improvements (think markets, firms, and political systems)
  3. Developing ideas on what is worth pursuing and why (think notions of justice, second-order effects, and interpersonal well-being)

Who Am I?

I’m a PPE student obsessed with applying philosophy to everyday situations, analysing international relations, and finding actionable ideas through insights from the social sciences.

Upcoming features include an ask box and a community platform.

Network and Portfolio

I try to push projects and analysis pieces on youtube. I should probably link my personal website as a brag-sheet soon.


Youtube: Attempted Thoughts - YouTube
Twitter: Attempted Thoughts (@Att_thoughts) / Twitter
Instagram: Attempted Thoughts (@attempted_thoughts)