China on World Order

China on World Order
Photo by Ling Tang / Unsplash

Project update:

I'm currently reading up on China's foreign policy goals.

Here are the sources:

China’s Vision for a New World Order
China’s leadership is determined to alter the norms that underpin existing institutions and put in place the building blocks of a new international system.
if you had to choose one thing to read, i'd recommend this

Trace China’s Rise to Power
Explore the five stages of China’s history, from imperial China to modern-day global power.

It's fascinating and terrifying stuff. I'll try present it in a more structured way.

Also working on storytelling in a more engaging way - maybe with more hard hitting single image slides instead of too much text.

Future books to read are:

  • How China sees the world
  • The subplot

I also want to work through an AI governance course:

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