How To Rant

How To Rant
Photo by israel palacio / Unsplash
  1. have a point to make
  2. be energetic
  3. convey your energy to the person
  4. appeal to their understanding, say ' and you know this'
  5. start from truisms, 'you know this is true because'
  6. be a bit manic and seriously engaged with people - stare into their eyes and watch their soul
  7. be manic and passionate about important things - it shows with tempo
  8. make jokes by emphasising the real and true parts that suddenly reveal themselves as absurd
  9. have a story that loops back and builds on your earlier points - have scaffolding as you develop your points
  10. occupy the space around you as if it is a stage - your body language is important
  11. try not to laugh yourself - genuinely believe and say what you believe
  12. have good pacing by using the bridges between points as downtime - keep a steady tempo
  13. interject with the truisms manically to make it a self evident absurd joke - pause and emphasis here
  14. end on the high note while people are laughing
  15. take everything seriously because you have a point to make


  • you end up saying mostly true things
  • people laugh and are engaged, but they also laugh because they realise what is true
  • you make your point and people actually listen to you
  • it is fun

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