China’s Vision for World Order & Hegemony

China’s Vision for World Order & Hegemony

Here's my video on the topic, it was very tiring. It took 107 slides, a lot of highlighting, and many cut edits.

What does China want? What are its visions for the future? How will it achieve this?

I often find most analyses in the news do not contextualise Chinese foreign policy enough. So here is my summary of a very helpful report by the National Bureau of Asian Research.

It says that China wants to develop a regional sphere of influence, not attain complete world dominance. This video goes over the model of international relations China seems to be taking, how it is tangibly furthering its goals, and the overall ideological grounds it is adopting as a framework.

Key topics include the concept of TianXia, the belt and road initiative, the United Nations, and the role of Chinese culture.

*Also, at 12:35 I mistyped and mispronounced the name (and the tones too), its XiangShan, not XianShang, sorry.


0:00 What China Wants - Overview
2:08 Speaking Rights - Soft Power
6:26 China as the Centre
10:34 Chinese Institutions and BRI
12:42 Malleable Hegemony


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