A Plan To Be An Activist Fund

A Plan To Be An Activist Fund
Photo by Benjamin Child / Unsplash
  1. I believe in making the world better
  2. Power resides within capitalistic firms, and they have a large footprint on the world
  3. So, I believe that shareholder activism can be a mechanism for change

I want to clarify the type of content I can put out in service of the above goal.

First, that there can be direct engagement with companies. With a hot topic, say K-pop, I can inspect their investor reports and shareholder meetings. This seems like a good direct launchpad.

Second, I can generally engage in research. Since the world is vast, it makes sense to learn about the broad politics, culture, and history of a given state or region. Consider this a use of institutional and development economics. Imagine broad research, political developments, and major companies.

Thus, we are an aspiring activist fund. We inspect geopolitics and markets.

Let us build up stakes in companies that matter. Let us engage and push for good governance practices. And in doing so, we hope to alter the massive footprint of these behemoths.

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