Culture and Isolation

I realise that I feel lonely because there is a lack of closeness. Even with people that you like, there are some concepts that are just not well-expressed.

You have certain values and beliefs. But how you reach your goal is not shared by those around you. This happens because their worldview is so different from yours.

So as you grasp for an answer, the techniques and strategies you are inclined to use - are just not the same as that which your friends will use. And if you try to reason out loud, you will be unconsciously shouted down by said friends.

They simply do not understand nor do they have the same value set as you. In that sense, it becomes frustrating and isolating. The values you hold are simply not shared.

And it does not make sense to try to appeal to them or reason to change their minds. It is a matter of worldviews. How can you even begin to ask them to change their foundational experiences?

So now you know that this isolation and lack of closeness is a result of the community you are in. Note then that the issue gets larger in scale: it becomes a question of what culture and society you choose to be a part of.

So how do you reconcile this? You should seek those on the edges.

So far, I have found two potential groups of people who may share such thoughts. The first are professionals who somewhat excel in what they do. Think finance, professional fields, and generally creative/ambitious people. The only issue is that they tend to be older than me.

The second group are those that are high achievers. Those that seek to create their own path.

I will engage with these two groups seriously. Hopefully results will be yielded.

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