You Should Be Articulate

You Should Be Articulate
Photo by Miguel Henriques / Unsplash

You should aim for articulation because it is empowering and helpful in every day life.

First, you enhance your power. You can interact with ideas and carry yourself well. And when you communicate your ideas, your beliefs, you convince others more easily. You are less likely to be caught off guard as you practice the art of communication.

For yourself then, you get to tangibly interact and respond to the world. Antagonistic people can be managed. Curiosities can be explored. And your sense of self can be sharpened. When you kill ideas, you improve the person.

Second, you clarify your own thoughts. By reasoning out loud, you can be clear with how and what you are thinking. Precision may not lead to answers immediately - but it does create clarity. So as you map-make and find your way to the truth, you are on much more solid ground.

When you reason out loud you also increase the chances that you gather good feedback. This is because people are more likely to understand what you mean. And so they are better placed to help you on your way.

Third, it creates self-confidence. As you become articulate and more confident. You are actively becoming who you are. You are in the act of Becoming. This is so useful, since it is an intrinsic skill you carry with you forever.

Just as others will never know what you think, you must then communicate well to even have a chance. That is if you want to be bothered influencing others of course. But beyond that it is also useful since you will not shy from your own self-expression. So not only do you cultivate the strength of your ideas and convictions, but you also become stronger when facing yourself.

You don't shy away from what you know you want to say, to express, and to be.

For all these reasons articulation and communication are prime. They are useful not only to attain goals, but for your own sense of self. Won't it be a travesty to live life unable to communicate and present what you truly think and are?

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