You Must Communicate Your Feelings

You must learn to communicate all of your feelings accurately.

Life is too short for communication issues to get in the way.

If you love someone, tell them that you do (be it your family, friends, or partners). If you want to spend time with people, if you want to connect with anyone, you must tell them that you do. If you appreciate someone, tell them!

Your feelings are obvious only to yourself. They are unknown to anyone else.

If you don't communicate your feelings and intentions, no one will ever know you had them. So assuming that your feelings should be already known is foolhardy. It may even be selfish and delusional.

So take nothing for granted, especially not that people already know how you feel.

The alternative is to end up with your loved ones never knowing how you feel. You invite opportunities for misunderstandings. You create distance between each other for no reason.

This is the price you will pay for maintaining an arbitrary and unnecessary silence.

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