You don't need to laze about to 'recharge'

Life is tiring and there are times when you need to recharge, either in the late evenings or on the weekends.

But we make the mistake of thinking that it is refreshing to do nothing. It is not.

We are not human batteries, where a lack of activity somehow refills our energy levels. Yes, we need to eat and sleep - but it is also true that we enjoy our hobbies.

What else are hobbies but hard, difficult things that we do for fun?

Playing an instrument, a sport, or reading is an active activity. And often, it feels much more refreshing to do than just lying in bed watching shows. This is despite the fact that the former technically requires more energy.

When you need a break, try to swap to a new activity, hobby, or personal project. While it still requires energy, it is likely that you will feel more reinvigorated.

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