Why Everything We Do Matters

Why Everything We Do Matters
Photo by Tianshu Liu / Unsplash

When I look at the cosmic vastness of the universe, I am so moved by what I should do with my life. But in realising the significance of life, I also realise that the everyday life is incredibly important, just as much. Perhaps even more so in some cases.

This is my note to myself. It is to be inspired and remain grounded. It is to find purpose almighty in the face of the vastness of the world. But it is also to be humble. And in pursuing this goals, I will remind myself that it is not my place to be arrogant. I do not look down on the everyday lives. I do not look down on those that are not pursuing the same grand strategy of goodness.

First, I find awe in the cosmos. Everything I do, I do in service for this. The world is vast, the universe is potentially hostile. So, we must do everything we can to survive, to propel, to launch forward and survive.

Thus, everything I do is linked to this goal of survival for our entire species. And I suspect this is why Elon musk is so popular with his links to a greater humanity.

For example, I take my actions to survive in the vast universe. Working backwards, we must propagate. So, we must have the engineering skills, but also the right philosophies and social cohesion and so much more. Every aspect of society.

Thus, we must have peace, we must convince people. We must fund these things. So, my own path I have chosen is to invest and funnel resources into real things that provide value. These are the things that matter. Rockets, energy, efficiency. But also, social needs like housing, rights, and kindness. So, both of these things. Some can be achieved with finance, some with funding, and others need true thought leaders and cultural persuasion.

But this is all important because of the implicit assumption that we matter. That we not only matter but lives in general matter. The virtues and things that we pursue are intangible but so important. This is even more stark if you realise that we might be the only ones out there for now. So, our survival is linked to the survival of sapience in general. More pragmatically, alien life can also be haunting and demanding – which will demand that we arm ourselves and be developed enough. Truly, on this scale it is about the sapience as individuals, but only in the context of the collective.

Thus, if everything is based on this bedrock assumption that life is precious, then it stands that our everyday life also matters due to the generation of goodness. I strive to be kind in the everyday, because of our short lives. Since it is so precious, I need to be kind, to be gracious, to enjoy the moments. For there is nothing else if we lose this. I choose this. I believe and will live this.

The implication is then that everything must be done to forward humanity as well as our lives. Be compassionate, speak to kindness. Pursue meaningful lives, generate wellbeing. Culture, art, music all in the service of elevating the good. To fight against injustice and to see that we need to bond together genuinely. Funding and financing towards social development, so that our resources may be great. And so that we develop the tools essential to our survival.

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