Perspective To See What Matters

When someone passes you gain a perspective on what really matters.

Chief among them are:

  1. The relationships you hold dear, family or friends, are paramount.
  2. Every aspect of the life you lead has to be led with intention.
  3. Very few things after that matter.

The first is important not because you are under any obligations. It's just that you should be honest with yourself on how much you really do care. (It's easy to pretend that you don't - especially when you're young.)

And if you do realise that some people are important to you, then work to keep those relationships alive. Watch out for busy work that doesn't matter. Even if something is pressing, most things don't compare against the importance of these relationships.

The second is important because you can die at any moment. Just as others can be snatched away from you too soon, so can you be just as easily snatched away from life.

If your time left on earth is uncertain, then you should live even your day-to-day with intention. Intention helps you stave away the useless. You can strive for the meaningful.

The third is a summary of the driving force behind the first two points. Everything else that falls outside of what you care about simply doesn't matter. It will never matter.

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