Notes on The Case Against The Sexual Revolution

Notes on  The Case Against The Sexual Revolution
Photo by Womanizer Toys / Unsplash
  • Power imbalances are a fact, so protect women and victims
  • Sexual freedom does not mean just fuck around for no reason, that sounds like it only benefits men
  • The unequal consequences of sex are real, and so the act of sex can hardly be dis-attached and some impersonal act
  • Socialisation of rapists away from rape doesn't work because rapists don't listen! This is true
  • So it sounds like socialisation is an appeal to the myth that men and women are equal in strength and that there are no power imbalances when in one-on-one situations - which is plainly false!
  • Women think possessive men sometimes are just markers of their interest - but this is not true, the men are likely just violent idiots
  • Pain is pain, how does consent change that? It doesn't
  • Prostitution hurts, and this is true via imagining how it must overcome natural revulsion and lack of desire - on part of the seller!
  • Consider the true demographics of the sex trade - those in poverty, as opposed to those advantaged by class who are not suffering the cruelties as much
  • Biological choice of women to keep a baby vs the social choice of a man to support them is hardly a symmetrical trade

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