Notes on DotCom Secrets

Notes on DotCom Secrets
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  • Convert sales to higher numbers and you can acquire at higher prices to outbid competitors
  • Who to sell to, and results to give them, where are they and what bait to give them? - Gamers who are young adults and want to get ahead, Results of analysis on gaming companies and higher investment returns - breakdowns on their favourite companies, so that they can save time and make money; they are online; give them free breakdowns on the news with deeper substance?
  • Dream Client:
    Driven motivated young adults, they are passionate about games, the future, and political economy (though they don't know it yet), they want to get ahead, make a difference, increase their incomes, but also dive into the guts of systems themselves. Already somewhat educated (in the curious mindset sense, not just credentialism of college), looking to understand more about the world beyond superficial understandings.

    They want to know more about the ecosystem and world around them. So they can interact via jobs or businesses. So that they can make more money. So the immediate by-product of my offering is that they save time and increase earning potential.
  • Where can you find them? Reddit, youtube, techno-newsletters like futurism and more. The diff etc. Like gaming and the arts.
  • Bait to attract them: A sophisticated book that skips some beginner terminology. i.e Company snapshots and business model forecasts. What drives each company. Investor inclined in the context of video games.
  • Results to give them: understanding, better investment decisions, higher revenue?
  • Value ladder of free, then offer more and higher problem solving solutions
  • Move up and down in offerings. Current event commentary on companies > Scaffolding of generic templates, or static information collations, and analytical lens to adopt > Bespoke 1-on-1 analysis for your own portfolio > Active research (like literally flying around and being on the ground) for unique reports
  • Target market: Young adult gamers with investment portfolios - looking to upscale their stock picking and returns
  • Congregating: Reddit, investing subreddit as well
  • Offer something away
  • Create an Attractive Character persona
  • Be entertaining, and frequently in contact
  • Find traffic that already exists, offer detours

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