Life Has Already Happened

It feels like I can see what is going to happen already. And I don't want that.

I suppose what I really want to do is something that is exciting to me. I also want to do something that has some sense of growth, control, power, and meaning.

And getting a job is something that I know I can do. And also something that somehow I can see happening anyway.

So the real question is what sort of work would I like to be doing?

And while I know natural material wealth accumulates - which is something I use to not overweight the value of money as someone young, the same logic is also applied to some job pathways. The point is that I wouldn't want to pursue a career by overweighting the value of money or progression. Especially after a certain point of income and life satisfaction. Which I do feel I've reached - what with the low current cost of living.

So more important is the question of what I really want to do with my life that I find exciting. It's a mix of ideas like the use of political economy. So perhaps an academic or something in research? But I also want to be somewhat applied and wield some real change in an applied manner. So perhaps a fund of sorts or business as well? That seems likely and attractive. And then also at a certain scale of wealth and influence - politics will come into the picture.

What is the first step? I already know. It is to amass a fund. Then grow it. Then get into politics.

And how to amass a fund from the start? Accumulate some immediate services-based cashflow. But compound it through social media and owning the digital assets of creation. This has three effects: it scales the ideas you have, it is a double advertisement for your skills while actually being good practice, and it can become a vehicle all of its own - saving you valuable time. So the cashflow potential is fairly strong this way.

So what should I be doing now? Reasonably analysing what is happening in the world. Turning around and showing it to others for free. Shadow building an empire. Since waiting to graduate makes no bloody sense and is severely limiting - as if the game is over once you do that. (Unless you save money to create a long runway again.)

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