Life begins immediately – there is no later.

Some people, especially in college or university, think that they can defer their adulthood. They extend their time in school because they are afraid of the working world. Or of making hard decisions.

But that assumes that they are currently not making hard decisions. They already are. Life has already begun. The difference between being a student and a graduate is artificial. Productive people work on things they want to do before they graduate. The distinction is just a ruse for those that have no idea what they want to do.

There is only a distinction between school life and working life if you follow ‘traditional’ dogma. But that means they don’t have an alternative set of beliefs. They are lost and have let themselves follow the ‘standard’ path – whatever that means. Does it even exist?

So realise that after a certain point, you are already living your life. If you decide to have fun, then that is what you are doing with your life! There is no consequence free time of your life. There are real opportunity costs to your choices. Think getting internships, developing your hobbies, or making more human connections. Any consequence free time vanished once you stopped being a kid (and it’s dubious that kids have no consequences).

Deferring adulthood is a bad concept. It is even worse because it is built on a flawed assumption. If you are uncomfortable with this fact, then all the better. Better to embrace the fact that it’s scary. Then you can begin to make real decisions.

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