Good connections are precious.

Treat your connections with valued friends as the precious things they are. Don’t take such things for granted. As many things require effort, so does maintaining a relationship. You could click well with people, but just because you talk easily with someone doesn’t mean you will be able to stay in contact if you are geographically far from each other.

What does this mean for yourself?

Work hard to maintain your friendships. Choose those that you like and whose company you enjoy. And then work to keep in contact, to reach out, and to have precious time with each other. Friendships are not second-class to romantic relationships. Friendships are a precious thing entirely of it’s own.

And if you lament your fallen friendships, then maybe you didn’t put in the work. But maybe you also didn’t care too much for it. So screen and genuinely observe yourself to figure out who you want to spend your life with. Because that is what you are doing when you decide to spend time with friends. Spending time is spending your life.

Things may come and go. People you were close with may drift off, through no one’s fault. But that doesn’t mean your friendships are dead. Maybe they are merely dormant. The connection is what matters – it is a powerful feeling to know that you can talk with someone after years and still feel like no time at all has passed.

Reassure yourself that all manner of relationships are possible. And so all manner of connections can be had. Don’t resign yourself that connections are dead. Take that mindset shift to motivate reaching out when you can. It’s hard but what else is new?

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