Everything is frivolous.

If you don’t know what to do with your life, maybe your standards are too high for what constitutes an acceptable answer. You keep reaching out and searching for what to do with your life – and end up doing nothing.

You think about what to do with your life, and no answer is satisfying. That is because you think it must be a complete and definite answer. Just like the heaviness that religion and culture might present.

But that is a mistake. Who said that your life decisions must be so serious? Is it not enough that you simply enjoy something, and so you move towards it?

It is fine to have a serious disposition, and a desire to do things that matter. But that is not the only requirement. It is not mutually exclusive with seemingly frivolous desires.

In fact, the sheer finitude of your existence might demand that you enjoy yourself. That you enjoy things in the moment.

So hold on to what goals you have, but also hold on to what simple things you like. You can be in service to people and also choose to have fun projects. Zoom out large enough and they begin to look like the same thing anyway.

A definitive answer may not be out there. While you figure things out, it seems silly to be paralysed because you don’t have concrete answers. Better to go out there and just explore life as it is in the meantime.

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