Improving ourselves, developing our philosophies, and deciding on action.

Improving ourselves, developing our philosophies, and deciding on action.

This is all about being a better person. Someone with grace, who is thoughtful, respectful, kind, and intelligent.

So we focus first on introspective thoughts: how we can carry ourselves, how we should act, and why? For example, we should be more attentive as listeners, we should be more humble, and we should be less angry as a person.

This is also about deciding what we believe in. What are our beliefs? What are our stances on issues? How do we decide what is good and what is not?

So this leads to more philosophical thoughts. These are more real, since it is a decision. They are decisions on what we should stand for, what we should achieve and strive towards. It touches on what our northstar should be, and how we decide what is moral.

Lastly, this is about what actions we should take. Once we control ourselves, and once we know what we should strive for. What, then, should be the actions we take?

We will focus on how we can engage with the world. How can we improve it? How can we make it better? We can code tools for communities, engage in debate to sway people, and hopefully make money (since this is still a capitalistic world).

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