A Mission Statement For Life

If improving the world is what you want to do, how will you go about it?

I realize that I love systems. I love the mechanisms of the world. And I am enthralled by the fact that they are malleable. (See Wait But Why's Elon Musk series, there's a part that says: he realizes the world is changeable. That always stood out to me.)

So what fantasies do I imagine doing? I know I love to devise new business ideas. And not just primary services. But to actually change the fundamental rules of the game for the better. Think large firms that design and change things. By their very nature and position, when they set a course for something they actually change the average course of society as well. It blends to politics and regulations too, of course.

Imagine tinkering with better systems in business. But also devising new firms. Make the world better and improve ethical standards. Money will follow from such improvements (I know not all the time).

Before you get to a state of critical mass, what would you do? This is a question of how to start. The answer is to think of the mission and principles you hold dear.

Within the above story are values of service to others, improving material conditions, and collective action. For the greater good, truly.

So you would improve people's material wellbeing by helping them be wealthier. Give a sense of purpose by laying the foundations for greater change. Think portfolio sizes, voting, and firm action. And build a collective all at the same time. So there's a real sense of mission, and it doesn't need to be restricted to you alone. Share that burden and vision. Then execute.

So I would suggest improving people's immediate access to resources. Namely, to get more money. How? Spitballing here:

  1. Analysis on forward looking predictions for the markets - that leads to greater portfolios
  2. Tangible immediate ways to get cash and position yourself on what matters - sound like micro-business oppportunities and more (should explore that more, what about expense frameworks? Sounds like personal finance)
  3. System building frameworks! Like micro-budgets to get the most out of life financially. But also time-wise in ROI. Building up a life in a sense.

Through this you serve a direct consumer. And you start to build a community. There is direct value throughout it all, kept consistent with the values you identified through imagining backwards from your vision.

The people you serve aim to materially reach a good and decent life. Sounds like it is aimed more at young to young adults. Might inadvertently get to males just because they are interested in things (see big number go up vibes - like gaming).

The community is then: Young adults looking to get up ahead in life.

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