Notes on The 100-Year Life

Notes on The 100-Year Life
Photo by Matt Bennett / Unsplash

Full title: The 100-Year Life: Living and working in an age of longevity

Notes and Thoughts

  • To those born in 1998 where pensions will not work anymore:
  • Postgraduate gradient will rise, innovation and creativity above all, human skills sounds like charisma
  • Team network of people matters for output, personal brands truly, pg105
  • Mental decline arrested through socialisation
  • Need to adapt work to freelancer portfolio, else blind loyalty to companies will not be worth much in later life - when you want to convert to half leisure half work
  • Such as college teaching or something else, job that allows you to survive is time not drawing down on a pension blindly
  • Portfolio career fourth stage, pg140, basically constant learning,
  • Need constant re-invention, portable skills, in off-time, perhaps limiting work week constantly to have time to re-invest
  • Remember you will live for a 100 years, that is very long and the old dogma of jobs will not help
  • Build strong networks, skills, intangibles, travel widely to have transformational assets for the future, online persona?
  • International postings?
  • Savings are needed to realistically live out your remaining years
  • Consumption levels should be strictly controlled
  • Commit to aggressively saving any future income rises - will be easier to handle
  • Corporate activity bounded by transition phases
  • High quality partnerships among those that are similar pg245
  • Multi-generational living sounds good
  • But you need housing that is large enough as well
  • Government welfare for those to maange the transition

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