Make Sure Your Goals Are Fun

Your goals should be fun, or at least for yourself.

If you find yourself working too hard, and not enjoying it, are you sure you are working towards something that you actually want?

Just like how sustainability is a main focus of keeping up a habit, make sure that the goals you've set are actually sustainable to you.

That means setting goals that you like and (hopefully) have fun with. You can learn a language because it'll help in business, but you can also learn a language just to better enjoy your favourite dramas.

Both are just as valid as each other. Just because you should be systematic with honing a craft, doesn't mean that the reasons for your goals have to be serious. You are allowed to want anything you want - like only playing meme songs on the piano. Things don't have to be technically challenging if that's not your goal.

Maybe we're just embarassed we don't have legit reasons when we explain to others, but that's all the more reason to unabashedly own what you like.

It feels like the growth mindset that we adopt may have obscured the whole point of being productive in the first place. It's easy to get lost in the metrics, the planning, and the rush to cultivate a daily habit.

Productivity is just a tool to achieve your goals. Your goals can be serious or fun, but they should be goals you actually want anyway.  

You can also be systematic in how you achieve your goals, but that's entirely seperate from your motivations.

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