Drilling Down To Being An Analyst

Drilling Down To Being An Analyst
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How do I know what work I want to do if I want to do everything?

I know I believe in improving the world. This means improving the human condition.

First, there are intangibles like culture and art. So that opinions may be swayed. But also so that life is elevated.

That's one thing, though there's also a lot more things that are attractive to me.

Second, there are the more material things: moving to post-scarcity, spreading out among the stars, and enabling people more resources.

(Explore the idea that autonomy, not equality, is actually the ultimate goal.)

Material improvements imply engineering to innovate, funding of said innovations, and political will to proliferate such discoveries.

Personal Inclinations

Of those, I am most interested in funding. I have the skills and the passion for society - for focusing on people.

It also seems to be the first step. (Politics is something that happens when you develop your community and self. I don't think I'm there yet.)

Will people find this useful? I'm not sure.

But the least I can do is document my work. I'm going to be doing the thinking anyway. I might as well have a record of it. If it's useful or not, is up to others to decide.

There are also many things to document. In the process of trying to craft a prediction, there will be more and more to uncover. These are like spin-offs and lines of inquiry that can be displayed. (i.e. you will find content to focus on in the natural course of your pursuits)


  1. Work to analysing the world and making predictions. Because you like it, it's useful, and it's accessible to start now.
  2. Follow your interest and useful things. Topics will naturally arise as your pursue leads. These topics can be packaged - so don't worry about ideation, just focus on functionality.

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