Anger is a Burden

Being angry all the time is a burden.

If not to be a good person, at least do it for yourself: Be less angry.

Anger makes you a different person. It clouds your thoughts. It hijacks and lives in your mind. That is not only exhausting, but it also lives unwillingly in your head.

When you are constantly angry, you don't make sound decisions. You don't experience life well. You also have a toll on your body.

Living life constantly angry is a symptom of living life unconsciously. Rather than living with intent and using your freedom to choose how to live, you let yourself be directed by animal spirits.

So you aren't really in control. Rather, you are letting your precious time and energy be directed by emotions, hormones, and distracting thoughts.

I hate the idea of not being in control, of not being calmer. So I reject the idea of being angry. My resentment of this loss of sovereignty is what motivates me to calm myself.

It is fine to experience anger. For example, against something unjust. But long term anger is usually counterproductive. It only demeans you. It also means you are less free to make other decisions - seeing as how you will live under this haze of emotion.

How distasteful. How horrible to not be in control. How dare it be that your mind is flooded with something you do not willingly choose - namely, the anger and emotions of irrationality.

You should have distaste for the lack of control, for it means you are not living the life you choose.

You should have distaste for the time and energy spent, for it is your most important currency in life.

You should have distaste for how your character changes, for it means you are demeaning yourself.

So control yourself. Force yourself to be calm. Recognise that you can feel things in the moment.

But you will not live your entire life like an animal. Don't give away your headspace just for the disgusting primal feeling of power that comes with being angry. It's all an illusion.

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