Active Trades and Portfolio Summary

This page tracks my 'active' portfolio. It's really just a small bit of money I use to bet on my predictions. The amount is minuscule. But the use of real money helps sharpen my thinking and predictions.

Portfolio Summary


Last updated 13th October 2022


13th October: Input $300 starting capital (lol)

Active Ideas

Brent EU Winter Play

Summary: Bet on Brent prices rising by the end of 22' or early 23'
Entry Plan: BNO on 16th October with 50USD
Exit Plan: Exit by mid-November, holding period not more than one month, tracking January futures prices via BNO
Details: See

Twitter Acquisition

Summary: Bet Elon will have to close the deal by the 28th October
Entry Plan: Enter 50.71$ price for TWTR share
Exit Plan: Exit before or hold to 28th October, expecting catalyst of announcement
Details: See